Responsible for all the Worlds Ills

Responsible for all the Worlds ills

Nick Clegg has never heard of Owen Jones

Oh for such a life of pure, unadulterated bliss.

Mr Jones, however, has heard of Nick Clegg, which is reassuring for Liberal Democrats everywhere that the party is no longer being ignored by the media.

Owen is of the opinion that Clegg is guilty of “unforgivable Tory collaboration”  like he was a Nazi guard at a concentration camp or something.

Owen is pretty annoyed that Nick Clegg might question why Economic Immigrants should automatically get benefits, which Ed Miliband questioned back in January.

Mr Miliband said immigrants’ rights to benefits in the UK “should be looked at” in the future.

“Yes, that is an issue that should be looked at,” Mr Miliband said. “Of course that’s an issue that should be looked at, the length of entitlement to benefits and how quickly people can get them.

“All of these issues would be on the table as we seek to manage our relationship with the European Union, and as we seek to manage migration. I actually think that diversity helps our country. But it can’t just work for some and not for all.”

I suppose that makes Ed Miliband guilty of “unforgivable Tory collaboration” as well then, for shame

That said, given that the party Owen Jones wants in government locked up children of those claiming Asylum and Nick Clegg ended that he can shut the hell up about who scapegoats immigrants as far as I’m concerned.

Still, according to his mate, Rufus Hound, whom Owen has RT’d, Clegg’s list of unforgivable transgressions includes U-turns on Education, Trident and Iraq

Wait, Iraq? We’re blaming Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems for u-turning on Iraq now? Well I say we, I mean Labour voting leftie luvviees with about as much political memory as a 5 year old Goldfish.

Its popular for Labour types to have a pop at Nick Clegg. He broke his promise on Fees, Labour never ceases to remind people. 

As if Labour didn’t promise not to introduce fees in 1997, and break that promise, as if Labour didn’t promise not to introduce top-up fees in 2001, and break that promise

And as if the Browne review was not introduced by Labour Business Secretary Lord Mandelson and as if, had Gordon Brown somehow managed to remain in power in 2010,  Labour would have ignored the recommendations of their own review, which called for unlimited fees, and cut tuition fees. 

Of course, in Owen Jones’ world the left have never, ever, broken a promise or done anything remotely wrong.

They didn’t trial the under occupation pilot ‘hated’ bedroom tax in 2001, they definitely built enough houses to prevent a housing crisis between 1997 and 2010 (Building 130 council houses in 2004 did met supply) regulation of the city was brilliant, the government did not run a deficit ever year from 2004 onwards, youth unemployment did not go up to a million, there was no debt crisis.

Labour estimates for immigration were always 100% accurate, they did not call for the NHS budget to be cut in 2010, they did not trial NHS privatisation, they didn’t rack up huge Private Finance Initiative debt, they scrapped Trident, they didn’t overspend on IT projects or Military Procurement, Armed Forces Personnel always had the best equipment.

Labour were always the Party of civil Liberties, they campaigned against ID Cards, they fought against 90 days detention without charge, they didn’t try to deport gay and Lesbian people like Pegah Emambakhsh, to Iran facing the death penalty, they didn’t lock up child asylum seekers and they would never extraordinary rendition anyone to a country where they could be tortured.

And they definitely, did not, would never have taken part in an Invasion of Iraq which cost at least 100,000 lives

And if any of that did happen, its Nick Cleggs Fault.