I don’t think the Tories and Labour have thought demands for a Lords referendum through really…

Did you hear about Lord Paul who voted 4 times in the last year and claimed £34,225. Is that money well spent?

What about Lord Hannigfield, who was convicted on expenses theft, didn’t vote in 2011, but managed to claim £10,000 in the process?

Lord Archer was convicted of perjury and perverting the course but still has the right to vote on and introduce legislation.

Lord Truscott was caught offering to amend legislation for money, he still votes on legislation and claimed £44,000 in expenses last year, resigning from Labour and sitting as a cross bencher.

And of course, there is Lord Ashcroft who does not pay tax in the UK, using tax havens to avoid paying his fair share just like Jimmy Carr.

For every ‘expert’ in the House of Lords there’s at least one crook, perhaps a spotlight on this must undemocratic chamber is long over due?

Just a thought….