I am announcing today that I am leaving the Liberal Democrats and Joining the Conservative and Unionist Party.

This won’t come as a surprise to many friends, and I hope they remain friends, in the Lib Dems. I have been unhappy with the drift the party has faced in government and the unnecessary watering down of reforms to Health and the higher education system which have prevented real reform through market forces and instead we have seen wishy washy Liberal attempts to ‘regulate’ competition in the NHS and ‘widen access’ in Universities.

The Lib Dems have made absolutely zero impact on government. Measures to take millions out of paying income tax, link pensions to earnings, pump millions into helping poor kids trough the pupil premium, delay renewal of trident, invest £2.4 billion through a green investment bank, Reform the House of Lords, reform party funding, Enact a youth contract to create jobs for young people, record apprenticeships, abolish ID cards, end control orders and child detention and create the greenest government ever are mere fig leaves for the parties presence in coalition.

And the Liberals stand in the way of real action on the deficit. By moderating proper conservative instincts the party has prevented the government from making vital cuts which would render the government obsolete, thus making privatisation of HM government a necessity.

Only the Conservative party offers the strong, leadership required for today’s Britain. Only they are able to take the tough decisions David Cameron is told to take by rich businessmen over dinner.

Let’s face it. Government is overrated, big business knows what is right for the country, the great market force in the sky says so. If the Conservatives had their way we would be seeing truly bold reforms to the health service today. None of this minister being ultimately responsible nonsense, no checks and balances, no ‘state’ hospitals, just good, clean, old fashioned checkbooks.

I have been particularly struck by the media professionalism displayed by the conservatives, who, by and large have presented far fewer ‘growlers’ in the media. I would like to salute Francis Maude for his courage and indefatigability in the face of strikes which some critics call ‘phantom’ but I see as a real, present and immediate threat.

When asked whose side you should be on, a wise Civil Servant once answered ‘the winning side’ that side is Conservative. I follow in the footsteps of that bloke with a blog, and that other blog with an, erm, blog. I just want you to remember that.

And so, dear Liberals I bid thee farewell. Government would be much more Tory without you.


Well yes, it’s not been my most subtle effort ever…… Happy April!