Hard-working parliamentary Researchers were left hungry this Lunchtime as the Sun, the political wing of the Murdoch Empire, failed to turn up on time to Westminster having emailed all MPs and Staff they would be giving away free pastys.

They eventually turned up, an hour late.

A spokesperson for @CommonsFoodHell said to that they were ‘disappointed’ by the Suns no Show. “There is no Jerk related food being served in Commons cafeterias today and after 24 hours of nonsense politicking over Pasties I had a right urge for them, and here I am, in the glorious sunshine, belly rumbling and facing a salad from the Lords bar.”

The move is the latest betrayal by the Murdoch Press, having betrayed Gordon Brown, then David Cameron, and now every hungry Researcher in Westminster. put the charge of betrayal to the Sun who replied “Your Blogpost is only just a little less ridiculous than this whole Pasty Gate nonsense.”

In an unrelated development a page 3 girl said “I am not being photographed with a pasty”


It appears they managed to talk the page 3 girl around…. what on earth is she doing with that sausage roll?