Is it me or is it a bit chilly?

Everyone loves a good fountain right? The free running water, the tranquil environment, the fun and frolics of an idle warm summers afternoon spent in the spray of a beautiful marvel of engineering? God I miss summer..

Parliament loves a good fountain as well, the Jubilee Fountain Sculpture in New Palace Yard was given as a gift from MPs to the queen for her 1977 Silver Jubilee – not that she’s actually allowed in New Palace Yard or anything.

It has been turned off since 2008 because of faulty pipes and a scare over contaminated water, long enough that most honourable members, bag carriers and hacks thought it was just a pretty statue. So it was with some surprise, and befuddlement last week when villagers saw  the 35 year old courtyard centrepiece burst into life.

Following an Early Day Motion some bright spark in the commons thought it would be a good idea to repair the statue in time for this years Diamond Jubilee celebrations and authorised an expensive repair job, so far so anniversary, but who’s idea was it to turn it on during a massive UK wide cold snap?

Predictably, as you can see above, the fountain turned into the worlds most legislated over ice sculpture, according to workmen enjoying a well-earned pint in a commons drinking hole last night, however, the pipes froze and the force of pressurised water caused them to rupture underground – with temperatures plummeting to minus 10 and the unicorn growing a number of ice horns that was absolutely, in no way, foreseeable.

The initial repair job is thought to have taken several weeks and cost several thousand pounds of taxpayers money, back to the drawing board then chaps…