Chuka - fast and loose with the truth

A lot of nonsense gets put out by Labour press people these days providing hours of fun. About an hour ago, however, one particular release caught my attention as so made up and out of touch with reality I just had to log it.

The news according to Labour is that “ministers are attempting to block the appointment of Les Ebdon as Director of the Office for Fair Access” In a confused press release the honourable member for bespoke suits, Chuka Umunna, accused the government of using Les Ebdon ‘as a political football’ and that ‘Ministers need to act to end the infighting and ensure that an appointment is made swiftly’

Meanwhile, on planet earth, real news outlets, like the Huffington Post, BBC News and Times Higher Education reported that Vince Cable and David Willetts are in a stand off with the Business, Innovation and Skills select committee over the appointment after Backbench Tories voted to try and block the appointment yesterday.

Les Ebdon has the full support of coalition ministers of both colours and the government is currently deciding whether or not to overrule the select committee.  That’s not exactly ‘ministers attempting to block the appointment’ now is it?

He’s well dressed but is Chuka on top of his brief? Does he know what’s happening in the real world or are Labour really so used to lying to the public that they hope to press release Star Trek levels of fiction and pray no one checks before delivery?

On his twitter feed Chuka has been speculating who will be the next England football manager – maybe he should stick to that and leave politics to those who know what they’re talking about…