Dear, oh Dear, Labour have stumbled into the Elephant trap the quiet man, Iain Duncan-Smith, left them on benefits – you know the one surrounded by a minefield, with bright flashing lights all around it and a big sign saying ‘ELEPHANT TRAP’ – but at least the latest decision they’ve taken appears to have left Liam Byrne, Labours Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions so dumbfounded he has lost the ability to spell

Call me old fashioned but if you are the spokesperson for getting people into work it might be an idea to espouse those characteristics which might get you a job, like basic grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Yes twitter has a 140 character limit but here we have a front line politician trying to either get down ‘wid da kidz and they txt speak ‘ or someone who has never thought to just put a statement on a website and link to it if its too long for a tweet.

Of course this morning Labour were going to vote with the government, then they were for a benefit cap, but delivered in a different way from the government in a desperate bid for differentiation, then they were going to vote with the Bishops, then they ‘wont vote agnst benefit cap – Will amend to stp cncl taxpayrs getting big bill’ for homelessness’ finally  they are voting for a benefits cap which has no, erm, cap….

No wonder Liam didn’t have a press release ready, Labour are continually suffering from Kama Sutra Politics (TM @RicHolden) adopting so many positions they have no idea which way they’re meant to be looking, or voting.

The technical definition for parties which succumb to such hedonism is Screwed