For the last 4 weeks I have been growing a moustache. It is pathetic. It looks like I never learnt how to shave. It scares small children. I hate it. I want it gone.

It’s in aid of Movember – a tash growing contest to raise the profile of mens health and raise money for prostate and testicular cancer charities. It’s not a fashion statement, it’s an abomination, but I don’t mind looking ridiculous for charity. (Never again though)

My effort is pathetic but do feel the impulse to donate to my page which can be found here:

I have, at time of writing, only raised a measly tenner – I’m looking forward to shaving it off but I am willing to go for the ultimate humiliation. Waxing.

If you good people of the internet donate at least £500 (and not a penny less) I will have it waxed off and videotape it for evidence.

Go on, cause some pain in a good cause.