Dear Conservative Future candidates up for internal youth party elections.

Why haven’t I seen a single one of you condemn the burning in effigy by the St Andrews branch of your youth party, of the President of the United States, our closest ally and friend?

Why haven’t I seen a single one of you disown the same society which burnt  in effigy Nelson Mandela?

Why have I not seen a single solitary statement, press release or even a tweet from a member running for office saying that they find toasting racial apartheid  abhorrent?

I’ve looked for comment in news reports. I’ve sought a press release on your website. I’ve scoured twitter and facebook. There is nothing, except candidates tweeting their endorsements.

I am not a Tory. Indeed I used to run your rivals in the Lib Dems. If I had been in post and one of our branches had toasted racism and burnt our ally on a bonfire I would have suspended the branch and referred the matter for immediate disciplinary action and said as much.

I don’t know why the radio silence is occurring. However. I do wish it would cease. You’re running for election to represent your party and young people in general. Do you think this sort of thing is normal?

Racism of this nature – and the vilification of Nelson Mandela, is the reason Norman Tebbit – that well know bastion of Liberalism – shut your forerunners down in the 80’s.

Your silence in this matter speaks volumes.