"All right. This one time I'll let you ask me about my affairs"

Everyone in the village loves a good grilling, be it a steak or James Murdoch, who’s Culture Media and Sports select committee hearing left Westminster at a standstill this morning.

The printers went silent, the post went unopened, MP’s stopped coming up with silly ideas (This only usually happens during PMQ’s and General Elections) and Sky and BBC news were in a ratings war for the literally tens of hacks, researchers and members who don’t already either love the BBC or have a private sector bent.

Of course we’ve all already made up our mind about hack/news/omni gate. Murdoch and News international are guilty as hell. The Met are cronies and Labour and the Tories lapped it up for a good headline every so often in amongst the shagging stories, footballers revelations and fluffy animal narratives of the former leading Sunday Tabloid paper.

Its all so grubby. Murdoch has had the political elite of this country dancing on strings to his agenda on Human Rights, immigration and any other political issue which takes his fancy like a demented puppet master for a quarter of a century, which is why Tom Watsons lampooning of James Murdoch as a mafia boss is so brilliant, if you’ve ever watched the Godfather. Which of course you have. Right?

Murdoch has been breaking laws right around the world to further the family business, cajoling, intimidating and blackmailing the subjects of its stories has been News Corp best practice since year dot, the family business has been (allegedly) bribing police with spa breaks and dinners, as well as actual buckets of cold hard cash. The way its lent its support to Labour or the Tories over the decades, as long as they toe its editorial line is nothing short of a protection racquet. Voraciously backing one and attempting to destroy the other in smash and run editorials.

Even the way the cover up has been conducted in the face of police and parliamentary scrutiny bears all the hallmarks of the Sicilian Mafia trials right down to only one or two members of the ‘family’ aka as the Royal correspondent doing any time.

Yes. I reckon Watson might have landed his lampoon bang on the money. The question is, can the DCMS Committee or the ‘under new management’ Met bring Murdoch and his cronies to account? I doubt it personally, but it has been an unusual year.