For various reasons I’m already going to go and burn for all eternity in hell, so I have no qualms at all in saying I certainly will not be voting for Ken Livingstone on either preference in the London Mayoral election.

Don’t trouble yourself with my godless, heathen soul mind – there are advantages to Hell – the parties will be fantastic and you don’t have to pay British Gas an extortionate gas bill every 3 months…

Going back to the pertinent point, however, Mr Livingstone, the 66 year old former mayor of London who compares his opponent to hitler, used to work for the Iranian government , is best mates with Hugo Chavez (who is best mates with, erm, Cuba) and says Tory councillors will burn in hell for wanting to rebuild a council estate – I didn’t realise he had a theological bent but if he was going for the Tory Church of England vote he appears to have muddled up his chatup lines with the satanic verses.

Ken is unelectable, (former) senior members of his team say it, the – “So Labour its even nice when its trying to knife Labour candidates”Mirror Says it and the polls say it too – Labour are 19 points ahead in London, yet Ken is 7 points behind Boris. The Bottom line is Ken can’t win, nor does he deserve to.

His latest wheez is a policy to cut bus and tube fares by 5% – that’s nice – but when he was last mayor they went up a stonking 46% and before he was ousted in 2008 he planned year on year above inflation rises – he can’t be trusted to deliver fare cuts and he would rip much-needed investment from TFL ahead of the Olympics.

My advice to Labour for some time has been to dump Ken as soon as possible. This is genuine advice, I’m no fan of Boris but Ken would be a disaster, he’s a has been, he’s putting off Lib Dem and Green voters who will decide the second round of voting and he’s dragging politics into disrepute. Get rid for your own good.

Theres plenty of Labour talent in London who could take the reins and give Boris a run for his money – personally, I’d quite like to see David Lammy MP step into the breach from a purely hack point of view, you do understand, but as it stands Paddick will get my first preference and Boris will get my second.

Labour. If you want to win in London, and I expect you do, give centre ground voters something to back which isn’t the greater or lesser gaffe prone fool – or we’re all going to hell in a handcart.

In the meantime Brian Paddick is the only candidate who’s actually taking London seriously – if this Ken farce continues, don’t be too surprised if he comes second on the first ballot…