Bone Time

So, Cameron got a red card from his backbenchers, and everyone else got a #torybingo or #EUdebate gin related headache.

Depending on which side of the vote you happen to be on either you woke up this morning feeling the shame of regret following a hedonistic one night stand against Europe or a strange pride at the fact that the Tories managed to screw themselves.

I’m in the latter camp. Obviously.

Gin headaches aside the events of last night really were a pointless frivolity. Instead of highlighting the big problems of the day, like housing, Jobs and the economy, or sorting out the problems of the world like Libya, or drawing attention to the fact that in this day and age a man can be burned alive for his sexuality we had hours of fun which amused no-one outside of Westminster and served only to make the Tory leadership look weak and the Tory Backbenches ideologically obsessed.

Every time a Tory says the Lib Dems will be wiped out after the vote I feel a bit more emboldened for our prospects and bit more pity for Cameron. These fools actually think that the EU decides elections, after the failure of the 2001 ’24 hours to save the pound’ campaign and the decades of infighting the Tories are up to their old tricks, putting their own dogma before the national interest, which, regardless of the EU, is putting jobs and trade first and not putting middle ground voters off.

We Lib Dems aren’t innocent of not doing the same this parliament – the Vote on AV was ideological bluster before people politics – but we’re over that and not about to make the same mistake again – the rebellion wasn’t squashed and will go on and on. Its one thing to put dogma before governing once, but dragging it out? That can only damage the Tories long-term.

Of course the biggest worry the morning after the night before for parliamentary staffers is the deluge of hate mail we’re now going to get from nutters who think the EU is THE most important issue facing Britain Today; it’s not, but I can’t wait for there to be a hangover cure for that which isn’t a bin in St James’s Park.