83 - Baroness Warzi

I’m watching the EU debate in the House of Commons with a gin – grab a drink and:

Drink whenever an MP says:

Broken Commitment

Bloody French

Its Cleggs Fault

The Opposition Promised a referendum

Europe Costs us between £1 Billion – £1Gazillion

Any reference to Battle Of Waterloo (@jesseboucher)

Any MP shouts ‘Duck House’ (@philip_antony)

A Joke about the Whips, or Osborne’s whips

It’s Labour’s fault

It’s Ted Heath’s Fault

Its Thatcher’s Fault

Down it when:

A Tory attacks Cameron

Nadine Dorries Speaks (@jonnyriches)

A PPS quits (@FelicityParkes)

Go direct to the Priory if:

The EU Nutters win

*feel free to tweet me suggestions @mshapland – will update as I go…